Blot revived

I missed using Blot enough that I’ve gone through the trouble of reviving it at This took a little work. For the record, here’s what I did:

  • Moved DNS from DigitalOcean to Route53. All my active domains live in AWS.
  • Created an S3 bucket to handle redirects from to
  • Added CNAME record from ->
  • Created SSL cert in AWS Cert manager for
  • Created Cloudfront distribution with S3 bucket as origin. Use the bucket hostname as listed on the bucket. Don’t choose from the dropdown.
  • Added as additional domain in Cloudfront distribution
  • Changed apex record so it’s an Alias” and pointed it to the Cloudfront distribution

I think that’s it. Seems like a lot of fuss but it’s really not that bad.

The only thing to consider now is if I should change it to use domain and migrate my Ghost posts here. Not likely, but it’s being considered.

Good to be back using Blot!