Readwise …makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights”

It does! I started using Readwise a month ago and I love it. I have highlights imported from Instapaper, Apple Books, Twitter favorites, and my Kindle.

Each day I get an email reminding me to review five random highlights. I can keep, favorite, or discard each of them. I’ve done this 42 days in a row. This is great because even though I often highlight passages, I seldom go back and revisit them. Readwise helps me remember the things I enjoyed reading.

The Readwise Lite” plan is $4.49/month and has been very much worth it. The regular plan is $7.99/month and includes organization tools, timed repetition and a broadcast” feature for creating what looks like a newsletter around my highlights. I’m using the Lite plan for now.