Selling cameras is usually a mistake

I’ve owned a lot of cameras and lenses.

More than average, I’d say. I’ve of course sold more than I currently own. With few exceptions, I regret selling any of them.

Remember how the Nikon F6 printed exposure data between frames?

Self-portrait with horse head. Nikon F6.Self-portrait with horse head. Nikon F6.

Or how nice it was having aperture-priority auto-exposure on the Leica M7?

Lobster Buoys. Mount Desert, Maine.Lobster Buoys. Mount Desert, Maine.

Or the Mamiya 6 with its giant square negatives in an easy-to-shoot package?

Self-portrait with eggs. Mamiya 6.Self-portrait with eggs. Mamiya 6.

I’ve been thinking about this lately while pondering all of the money I have tied up in various cameras and how infrequently I use some of them. My head tells me to sell everything I’m not using often, but my heart won’t let me. I always, always regret selling camera gear, so I think I’ll hang onto all of it for now. At least until circumstances dictate that I cannot.