Monday, September 5, 2022

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I’m having one of those mornings where everything annoys me. Currently, it’s writers whining about how hard writing is. If a construction worker complains about how hard their job is, they’re lazy”. Writers, on the other hand, seem to expect sympathy. (PS I would still like to be a writer and I would definitely complain about it.)

I just love how Arc’s pinned tabs indicate that I’m currently not on the original pinned page. It’s that little /” there at the beginning:

Arc pinned tabsArc pinned tabs

I was at our old office building recently getting ready for being leased and took a spin down the slide. If you’re looking for a cool office in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, this would be great for you.

Spiral slide. Leica MP, HP5.Spiral slide. Leica MP, HP5.