Wednesday, March 2, 2022

☀️ Clear +22°F

Book of Boba Fett” is terrible. He should’ve been left as a cool, mysterious background character.

It seems I’ve settled on as the wiki domain.” still works, but is discouraged.

Derek Sivers says Write plain text files and I mostly agree with him. Except if the plain text format makes what you’re actually doing more difficult, then don’t. I’d rather have a useful document now even if there’s a chance that one day, maybe, possibly, it could become unreadable. Future-proof-but-shitty is not my first choice.

I’ve modified things so that the home page shows the past 30 days rather than 7. Since there’s no search here yet, I figure CMD-f will let you search the past month. If it’s older than that, it’s probably no longer valid anyway 😆.

I’ve removed Disqus comments from this site. No reason other than it’s overhead I don’t need and I rarely see any comments anyway. Whatzamatta with you people?! Send me an email or something, sheesh.

I don’t usually panic when some random company I use is acquired but goddammit! Bandcamp is Joining Epic Games — Bandcamp Updates. How can that be good? Tell me it can be good. Please?!

It occurs to me that we didn’t name web1 and web2 ahead of time. We just labeled them that later. Now we’re inventing web3 and trying to make everything into that. It’s a bad idea from the start.

Speaking of Web3, there’s now I read How Blogchain is different by capsule on Blogchain and I don’t see how it’s meaningfully better or solves actual problems in any unique way. It’s what, WordPress with backups and a social element? Big whoop.

I don’t want to waste time watching a movie that I don’t like but I have no problem just browsing the trailers for an hour and never watching anything

Simon is right: Don’t default to building an SPA