Thursday, April 7, 2022

☁️ Overcast +44°F

I deleted PhotoPrism from the Synology. It was chewing up all my (4GB) of RAM and generally causing things to misbehave. I suppose Synology Photos will have to do for now.

I still don’t know the difference between my Daybook” and Journal”. I know what I think the difference is, but I get lost in the grey area in the middle. I suppose the Daybook is for things I want to show up in the Agenda on that day. Things for which the date is important.

My dad is back from FloridaMy dad is back from Florida

I made some prints this morning. I am trying to make at least one or two 5x7” prints from each roll (in addition to a contact sheet). I’m not fussy about it. I guess at exposure time and print. I only re-print if my guess was horribly wrong. Otherwise, they’re good enough. Anything special” gets the real treatment by printing an 8x10” print on fiber paper.

I added Plausible analytics to,, and I’m already generating reports using GoAccess for my self-hosted sites, but it’s hard to parse what’s a real visit” through all that noise. Plausible is great, cheap, and doesn’t track anything other than hits, so it’s pretty privacy-safe.

Upgraded Emacs to 28.1. Here’s a nice summary of changes.