Another Mastodon move

I decided that a single-player Mastodon instance isn’t ideal. It’s overkill for one person, and it’s lonely! The #local feed is just me shouting to myself. That’s no fun. What’s the point in having a giant Rails app with all sorts of moderation tools, user management, and monthy costs if it’s just me? That’s what I thought, so I’ve moved.

First, I considered heading back to The vibe there is kind of what it’s like to be in my head, but it also ends up feeling a little narrow-scoped, if that makes sense, so I decided against it.

Another choice was to join the new Medium instance, but if I did that I’d probably end up posting nothing but listicles about productivity tools and we need zero more of those in the world. So Medium is out.

I’ve ended up at I’ve had an account for a long time, and I get a kick out of the vibe. All those hearts and happy stuff. It’s nice, ya know? Follow me there if you like.