Obsidian again?

I don’t like Obsidian, and yet here I am typing this post using it with a new vault containing the entire Hugo tree.

Why? I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been having this feeling lately of being trapped” in Emacs and Org-mode. I mean, Org is useless outside of Emacs, and all of my notes are in Org-mode format. Org files are plain text, too, but they’re pretty ugly and noisy when viewed in any other editor. I don’t know, it’s been making me twitchy, so I fired up a new Obsidian vault. Markdown is everywhere.

After moving my blog back to Hugo recently, and dusting off my ox-hugo config, I’ve been writing blog posts using Org, too. It’s so cool to have one big Org outline and kick off properly-formatted Markdown files from each heading. Except when something weird happens. Then I start wondering why I’m writing in one plain text format just so I can immediately convert into a different plain text format. Seems kind of…unnecessary.

There’s no denying that Obsidian can do nearly anything. Plugins are plentiful and easy to use. Beats the hell out of adding package configuration and then copying and pasting 30 lines of Lisp just to get something to behave properly. I had the Templater plugin generating front matter for Hugo posts in about 10 minutes. Compare that with the hours and hours I spent trying to get YASnippet to do basically the same thing in Emacs. And heaven forbid I need to tweak it.

So here I am, dipping my toes back into the Obsidan waters. Maybe it’ll stick this time. I’m going to run with it for a week and see if I can find a rhythm that doesn’t suck. I have two vaults. One is for PKM-type stuff. And the second is for Hugo. Wish me luck. I already miss Emacs. Maybe I’ll end up back in Emacs and just change my default Denote filetype to Markdown instead.