Everything is here now

UPDATE a better title would now be Everything was here now”, as the blog is now running on Blot.im.

I’m perfectly aware that the following may only be true for like 18 hours, but…

I’m only posting here on Baty.net using WordPress. No daily site, no wiki. Everything I write is going here. I dislike using WordPress, but it has everything I need. And I don’t honestly spend that much time actually writing. It’s fine.

My daily journal posts are excluded from the home page, but are included in the RSS feed or directly via baty.net/journal (that will redirect to /topics/journal/ for now). I would like to include today’s journal post on the home page, but I don’t know enough about WordPress to make that happen yet.

I was so sick of thinking about Tinderbox vs Hugo vs Eleventy vs TiddlyWiki for my daily notes this morning that I routed around all of them and landed here. Let’s see if it sticks.

Narrator: It didn’t”