A couple of Mu4e improvements

I usually prefer reading my email using Mu4e in Emacs, but the Vim (“Evil”) keybindings have been broken since upgrading to 1.10.x. (See this PR for background). This added so much friction that I went back to Mail.app and Notmuch. Recent changes in evil-collection have fixed the issue but weren’t available yet when updating Doom. The fix for now was to (unpin! evil-collection) in packages.el. Much better!

Another snag I’ve run into while using Mu4e was that sometimes I also use Apple’s Mail on macOS and iOS and any messages I delete there would only be flagged as trashed” in Mu4e, so they would show up in the inbox, cluttering things considerably. The fix for this was to set Expunge Both in my .mbsyncrc file. Also much better! That one has been bugging me for a long time.

So the good news is that I’m back to using Mu4e for my email, and it’s now better than ever.