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Friday, March 22, 2024

I’ve seen the folks at Arc refer to building a browser that browses for you” and I don’t approve. I love Arc and have no complaints. I know some people are concerned that they’ve raised funding, but I don’t care about that until it’s actually a problem. Currently, though, the company would need to literally start stomping bunnies for me to switch. I don’t worry about the time I have invested” in using Arc. If Arc starts becoming a browser I don’t want (one that browses for me”, for example), then I’ll switch. It would take me 20 minutes to switch to Safari.

Dropbox API must’ve been down for a bit because my changes weren’t syncing to the blog for about an hour yesterday. It’s this kind of dependency that puts me off things like Blot, but Blot happens to be so good at everything else that I can look past it.


He points out, correctly, that if you don’t like the Emacs defaults, you’re free to change them—indeed, that’s the whole point of Emacs configurability—just don’t insist that everybody else should change them too to suit your preferences.

I am firmly in Camp Emacs’ Defaults Are Horrible, and believe we should waste no time defending them. And saying, Well, you’re free to change them!” is the least helpful answer I can imagine. If you’re such an expert, you’re free to change them back.