Friday, April 14, 2023

I’m still paying for my Denote vs Org-roam waffling. Slowly, things are getting fixed, but it’s another lesson in Stop Changing Things.

There is now a Reply By Email” link at the bottom of every post here. I’ve included it along with the other stuff like tags, date, etc. but perhaps it would be better as part of the entry itself. I’ll play with it more. I sure like getting emails, though.

Finished the season of Beef”. I winced and laughed in equal measure. I’ve been avoiding shows where everyone is mean and/or awful (e.g. Breaking Bad, etc.) but in Beef” it felt like at least they were trying to be decent. Recommended.

OMG it’s me:

unable to accomplish boring things until i reframe them into interesting things by doing them in idiosyncratic and suboptimal ways since the normal way of doing the thing is insufficiently interesting to motivate me to do it

@Josef, Mastodon

I’ve noticed that over-analyzing Substack is a popular new hobby.