Dead iMac forces an iPad-only experiment

I spent the morning trying to make it easier to get things done using my iPad. It went pretty well. I now have a workable Vim setup using Blink Shell. I have Bear all synced and organized. Tasks are back in OmniFocus. And so on.

In a stroke of ironic misfortune, the hard drive in my iMac died shortly after doing all of the above. This left me with the better part of a Sunday having no desktop machine, so I went for a walk. I played with the dog. I even rearranged my records.

It’s good to be offline, for a while, but I had my heart set on catching up on email, RSS feeds, GTD stuff, and just generally tinkering on the internet. So that’s what I’ve been doing, on the 10.5” iPad Pro with keyboard.

You know what? It’s not terrible. I think maybe if I learned to approach things differently, and added a dash of Workflow, this could become an acceptable way to get things done.