iPhone SE OG

iPhone SE. Isn’t it adorable?iPhone SE. Isn’t it adorable?

Look what I found in a drawer! It’s my favorite iPhone, the original SE. I preferred the flat sides, smaller size, power button at the top, and Touch ID. Oh, and a real headphone jack. It’s such a great phone.

In the above photo, the home screen is arranged for using the phone in a way I aspire to, meaning hardly at all.

iPhone SE and iPhone XiPhone SE and iPhone X

The thing about using a minimally-configured SE is that it feels liberating right up until it becomes frustrating. Using Maps, for example, is much less useful on the SEs tiny screen. The camera is pretty bad (although I don’t use my phone’s camera often).

It would be unnecessarily limiting for me to swap the sim card from the iPhone X into the SE. On the other hand, it feels so good in hand and using it would be fun, right?

I’m going to try it.

July 19, 2020 Update: I used the SE for about 10 days and loved it. However, I tired of running into times where I didn’t have some app I needed like a parking app or the Orbi app so I went back to the iPhone X. That lasted two days. I hated how big it felt and FaceID is useless with a mask on and, really, the small one-handed operation enabled by the SE made me go back. Now what? I’m stuck with a phone with no future? Guess so.