Daily Posts Are Moving Back To The Lathe”

I tried, I really did. The pull of having nearly everything I write all in one place is hard to resist, so I succumbed and stopped writing on my wiki, thinking I’d consolidate everything here on my blog. I made it two weeks, but now I think I’ll be moving my Daily Notes” posts back to the wiki.

Why? Honestly, it’s because creating random silly posts is more fun with TiddlyWiki. It’s easy and flexible. It feels playful and almost like it’s a secret. Know what I mean? And having fun is more important than having proper RSS feeds or consistency, or whatever other excuses I make up to convince myself to consolidate.

I apologize to the few of you who preferred the updates here. As a compromise, I’m thinking about writing regular (weekly?) summary posts here as a reminder that there’s stuff going on over there.

In the meantime, I’ll see you at The Lathe.