Everything is in ~/org

Part of my Org-roam graphPart of my Org-roam graph

The more notes I put into Org-roam, the more I want to put there.

My Org-roam directory has always been in ~/org/roam, meaning that my database was limited to files I put in that directory. The rest of my org files have been in ~/org, so they’re out of reach” of Org-roam. Sometimes, though, I wanted link from, say, my Daybook.org file to one of my Org-roam files, thereby making that daybook entry part of my org-roam database.

I started wondering what would happen if I put everything into Org-roam. Or, at least made everything available to Org-roam. To that end, I changed my org-roam-directory to my top-level ~/org folder. Now anything can be an Org-roam node. All I need to do is add an ID property to a heading or file by running org-id-get-create.

So far I don’t see a downside to this approach. I have made Org-roam nodes out of Daybook headlines, Journal entries, even TODO items. All linked up and networked as part of my database. I don’t know how well this will scale over time, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.